Roof Replacement in Glen Mills, PA

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The Burke Home

What We Transformed: Replaced Roof with New House Shingles

What We Transformed: Seven days start to finish, removed existing shingles, and this one had multiple layers, (sometimes people stack them instead of removing and replacing!) Three Tab shingles replaced with Architectural shingles, replaced all the plywood on the roof. Arch shingles = higher wind rating and longevity they last so is worth the investment. The Burkes were looking for a quick turnaround on their brand new roof and we delivered just that in this incredible roof transformation. Seven days start to finish, removing multiple layers of old shingles (because sometimes people stack shingles instead of replacing them!), and replacing them with three-tab architectural shingles was a big upgrade for this roof renovation, including replacing all the plywood under the shingles first! Architectural shingles are a great way to help your roof withstand the harsh weather and seasons we see in Pennsylvania. They have a higher wind rating and they are long lasting shingles as well. Definitely worth the investment!